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Bladerunner - Storyboard assignment. Re-board a scene:

For my Storyboarding class, we were to pick a scene from a movie and reboard it. I picked a deleted scene from Bladerunner. In the original, Deckard goes to see another Bladerunner, Holden, who was shot in the opening scene . The original was a bit rough and got cut because it mostly just reiterated what the audience had already seen in the movie so far. It's mostly just two guys sitting and talking. I took inspiration from how Ridley Scott shot things in the final movie.
I reworked it to:
A. have Holden and Deckard's discussion hint at what the replicants are searching for. More life.
B. Tie the scene in with Bladerunner 2049. Holden is reading Treasure Island in the hospital. In 2049, Deckard quotes a line from Treasure Island when he first meets Officer K.